I got my educlipper invitation.  I almost didn’t see it because it went into the spam folder.  So if you signed up and didn’t think you got the invite, check spam and junk mail folders. It’s not all smooth sailing. I can log in, but then I get a white screen.

I have to admit though, even if I get past the white screen, that  I really enjoy Pinterest and can’t quite see making the change over for my educational clips to another place. I guess time will tell.

5 thoughts on “Educlipper

  1. Hi Bitsy,

    I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting started with eduClipper. We are in alpha mode and are working hard to make it work better and easier for educators. I am curious what browser you were in that gave you a white screen? I will do all I can to make this an amazing tool for educators and students to use.


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