I just read an article where those that knew James Holmes said they were baffled. I’ve got to admit that before the baffling incident in our lives last summer, my response to that would have been “You’ve got to be kidding? There had to have been some signs. You had to know something!” It is terrible that you have to be baffled to truly understand it, but for me it was true. I don’t wish understanding on anyone.

I listened to a father talking about his son (who survived) and the friend (who didn’t) .  Reporters are so crass. “What are you feeling?” The father was kind and went through the expected emotions. I thought, he will feel guilt if it hasn’t raised its head yet – even a little. He’ll feel guilt for the gratitude that it was his son that survived while someone else died. I am grateful his son survived. My heart is broken for the families of those that didn’t.


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