Cleaning out the garage

I don’t have a garage, so you can imagine where I’ve been putting everything – closets, cabinets, drawers. A couple of weekends ago, I decided it was time for some of the things that I’d been saving in anticipation of using one day to go. I’ve cleaned out closets, book cases, cabinets. I cleaned out teaching files and reorganized them. I’ve filled the car up several times over. AND you know the sad part? I could probably spend the next two weeks doing the same thing.

Why do we hold on to things like this? I’ve kept boxes from when I was selling on eBay. I’ve kept egg cartons to make into games. I’ve kept lettuce and fage tubs because they’d be great to use at school. I’ve got stamps and stickers and paper and folders and . . . AND I don’t keep nearly the things some people I know keep. I’m actually pretty good about getting rid of things – unless they have some foreseen purpose down the rode.

One of the things I’ve kept is LifeWay curriculum units that I wrote mmmm 20 years ago. I’m in the process of taking pictures and scanning those now.

Cleaning out feels really good!

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