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Well, I’m virtually finished with my masters so to say it’s been tempting to look at jobs related to libraries would be a great understatement. So a job came across my feed that looked interestingly perfect for me and I clicked. Job looked even better when I read the whole thing so I sent in my resume. *ahem*

I got a response pretty fast for a Saturday. At first I got an email from Sarah at RecruitArrow thanking me for my resume. Then I got an email from her telling me that while I was highly qualified, librarians are hard to place. At this time I’m getting a little suspicious because nothing about my qualifications for the specific job had been mentioned. Sarah gave several suggestions of places to look. Some (if not all) of them were for-pay job sites. I wish that I’d kept those earlier emails so I could give the names of the sites. (If you’ve had experience with RecruitArrow and saved those sites, I’d love to post them here. Please comment and let me know.) The one I do remember is called Hound. Those just keep coming. (Thank goodness for filters.) At first they were only from Sarah. The first really suspicious email said something along the lines that RecruitArrow had to keep high standards as a placement company but the job was actually listed at Hound and I might have good luck if I contacted the company myself. mmmmmmm You can sign up for a free few days, but really either I’m qualified for the job or not. AND Then I started getting emails straight from Hound.

So, what’s unclear is whether Hound is using RecruitArrow as a way to drum up business or RecruitArrow is using Hound as a money making venue – like an affiliate program.


7 thoughts on “Arrow Recruiting

  1. Same thing happened to me. Here are my emails.

    I wanted to write you a short note to thank you again for contacting Recruit Arrow yesterday. In this tight economic environment, employers set extraordinarily high hurdles for the types of candidates they are demanding through recruiting firms. Accordingly, despite the fact that there is a possibility that you might be qualified for the positions we are recruiting for, we cannot work with every qualified candidate because our screening criteria are dictated by our clients and, in fact, are often artificially high.

    Despite the high criteria employers set for candidates coming through recruiting firms (due to the fact that recruiting firms charge fees), these same employers might hire you were you to apply on your own. In fact, in order to help our clients during tough economic times from time to time we refer candidates we believe may be qualified for certain positions to approach our clients on their own.

    I wanted to advise you that contains the position with Recruit Arrow you expressed interest in because it has not been filled yet. contains virtually every job directly from employers in the United States and most of the same jobs we recruit for. I hope this helps.

    I want you to know that we greatly appreciate you applying to work with Recruit Arrow. I am greatly hoping we can be of assistance to you later in your career in a better economic climate.

    Best regards,
    Karen Smith

  2. I hate companies that prey on people seeking employment. I got one too, the two sites she so kindly directed me to were AdminCrossing and Employment Authority, with about 20 links in the email to the two sites (which I can only assume they have some affiliate deal with)

    I will certainly be avoiding them in the future.

  3. I had the same experience with these people today. I don’t even think the jobs exist. They post a job on a legitimate site, you click a link and apply with Recruit Arrow, then they send you an email telling you to go find the job on their paid sites.

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