Online Portfolios

Earlier this year, I discussed creating a teacher portfolio based on the NC Evaluation Standards by McRel. I had to create a portfolio for my internship and used wikispaces for that one. I liked it well enough but wonder how user friendly it is for the reader (like what if I have to present a print copy?).

What have you used for digital portfolios that you’ve been happy with?

I’ve considered using:

  • slideshare
  • google docs
  • wordpress or blogger
  • some free web page builder
  • wikispaces
  • live binder

Anything on that list strike you as better than the other? More practical, easier to use for the creator or the reader, something I’m missing?



2 thoughts on “Online Portfolios

  1. Are you willing to share your online portfolio? I started on a few years ago but have not been satisfied with the finished product. Of course, “finished” is used very loosely because I am continuously adding and deleting artifacts to keep it updated. I am culling ideas from other portfolios before I start work on a new (and hopefully better) portfolio.

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