At the suggestion of Steven Anderson, I reloaded Evernote to give it yet another chance. I think Robert Jimenez’s blog was the first place I read about it. I could see its advantages, but didn’t use it much.

All this time, I’ve been looking for and fighting with ways to keep up with myself. So, I re-downloaded Evernote on the home laptop and the phone and started making some notes. So far it’s been really helpful. I can use the web version at school (I should say so far on this count. I remember how I felt the day I walked in to find that dropbox had gotten the county ax). I know I’ve not scratched the surface of what it can do.

Right now, I’ve got to do lists for everything I’m involved in. So, maybe about 3/15, I can start reading all the articles and watch all the videos to find out what it can really do!

One coach mentioned in the comments keeping a file on conversations with all teachers. This could also be done for all students, parents, colleagues.

btw, Steven Anderson has another post today on Evernote.


4 thoughts on “Evernote

  1. I’ve been using Evernote all year. I have it on every computer and my phone.
    I pretty much use it for “notes to self” and storing webpages I find while looking for something else. I love the clip page feature!
    I use Dropbox too, but not as much. Mostly for taking photos out of my phone and holding them until I can put them in Flickr.
    I’m interested in seeing how you use these, too.

  2. I am using Evernote more heavily. It goes across all platforms and I have data with me everywhere. It even syncs with Olive Tree Bible Reader, so I am using that app more on my Nook. I may come kicking and screaming into this digital age!

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