Silent Ring Tone

There’s this number that keeps ringing in from Astoria OR. It usually rings during my last silence ring toneclass of the day. It’s got to be a sales call because they NEVER leave a message and I just don’t pick up most numbers when I don’t know the caller. Well, I wouldn’t pick up during class anyway because most everyone who calls me knows I teach and can’t talk just any old time.

I try to remember to put my phone on vibrate, but sometimes I forget. I started looking for a solution and thought about a call blocker app. The only ones that seem to work for sure are for jailbreaks. I don’t even know how to use “jailbreak” properly in that previous sentence although I do know what it means and am just not sure I’m ready to go there yet.

So I searched for another solution and found a silent ring tone. It’s in step 1. Download it, add those annoying callers to your contact list and give them the silent treatment. Thank you Mr. Miller!


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