Closing the achievement gap – your thoughts

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was honored to be 2011 Teacher of the Year for my school. Well, I found out Friday that I’m also one of the ten semi-finalists for the county. In a few weeks, I have to give a short presentation on closing the achievement gap. I’ve been collecting my thoughts and doing some reading, but I’d love to know what you think will help to close the achievement gap so that I consider other opinions while I pull my presentation together!

Thanks for your help!


4 thoughts on “Closing the achievement gap – your thoughts

  1. I won’t be of any help here. It’s my belief that any gaps which exist are caused by socioeconomic factors that will prevent homogenization. The only way to have uniformity in education is to force a change in American subculture so that all races and economic groups are the same. I believe this is impossible and also undesirable. 100% equality is a pipe-dream that is unattainable.

    On the other hand, things could be improved greatly by increasing the education requirements for school board members, administration, and tripling funding for schools so that we can have more classroom aides, technology, and also time for collaboration with peers, etc. All of these things require money that our lawmakers seem only too happy to cut in lieu of other things… Good luck with your speech, I couldn’t give it! 8)

  2. Thanks Nathan! This is a topic that I use to read up on quite a bit (when I was much younger) especially as it related to math because I thought that somehow I could make a real difference. I know now that I can make a difference, but not in the major ways that I once thought I would. I can help a child (or even many) learn more than a grade level’s material and help him catch up. I can help a child realize that she is wonderfully smart and help them see that connection between their input into personal learning. The part that is agonizing is that I can’t get everyone to buy what I’m selling – that their efforts in their education will have real payoff and much sooner than they think.

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