Experiments in standing while working

I have been reading a lot lately about how much healthier it is to stand while you work. As a teacher, most of my day has been spent standing, but when I get home (especially due to grad school), I’m a slave to my computer and desk and consequently the desk chair. Working on projects, papers, research, etc. means way to much sitting and I’ve noticed pains in places that I don’t normally get them – like my lower back and hips.

So, I pretty much cleaned off my desk (left my netbook because it gets moved everywhere anyway)

and moved my main laptop and the second screen to a higher surface. The workspace is much smaller which will also take some getting used to, but this doesn’t have to be a permanent fix – just long enough to see what I think about it.

A couple of the articles I read said that the first week was the hardest.That does seem reasonable.

Articles are easy enough to find, but here is a NY Times piece that is a nice summary.


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