I’ve learned something about myself

while I’m taking 2 classes during a school semester.

I need a little break between assignments. My original goal was to commit one weekend to one assignment with scattered working conditions during the week – depending on the fullness of the week. Well, a couple of Saturday’s ago, we had a workshop at school and then a WFU game. I got some reading done that day, but real, concrete work did not happen. I worked Sunday but had to complete the project the next Saturday. So in my little brain, I thought I’d just start the next one on Sunday. I piddled at it, but I just found it hard to switch gears like that. Maybe if I’d already started it, I could pick it up. But it was hard to find focus. So here I am finishing it up today. I did get more real work done during the week.

I also tend to under-estimate the time a project will take. I’ll get that done by Wednesday or by noon. Wednesday turns into Saturday and noon turns into midnight. I’m always finding something that needs fine-tuning or some part where I’m just not sure I really met the criteria. I go back to the drawing board.



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