This weekend was anything BUT relaxing

I don’t think there will be many this semester, but I can dream.

Yesterday, I finished a project on school library impact studies. It was near midnight. I did take a break to go to the Wake vs VA game. Wake actually won and looked semi-sorta like a team. I need a cold read though to make sure there isn’t something totally goofy in it.

Today, I started reading for a project on leadership. I cut out a ton of laminated sheets for school and made a fraction web quest.

At church, we had a speaker from Wales, Steve Levy. He preached from Philippians which was really cool since I’ve been working with memorizing it. What was a little different was his focus was on 4:2. You know the verses – the ones about the two chicks that can’t get along. Who preaches on that? Well he did, and his emphasis was on playing church, treating church like a country club, not taking it seriously, hit or miss coming. And I am sitting there hanging on his every word. He was very clever in his word choices. I did laugh quite a bit at the obvious and oh so humorous truths. I also cried, because he’s right. People are dying and going to hell and we are sitting there playing church. People in church are lost. We let the singing, the trivial, any other activity get in the way. He actually suggested that church should be taken down to worship and prayer. He used a rugby example of when the men hold tight to each other in a circle. He described the play and I don’t know enough about rugby to understand it, but I have seen that tight, protective circle. That’s what we should do.


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