Some days are just full of surprises

Today actually began yesterday when I was nominated with several wonderful candidates for our school’s teacher of the year. This morning started with an announcement that I had been voted teacher of the year. What an honor! I was totally blown away.

Then I found out that I’d passed my 18 hour portfolio review for the MLS program.

Both of those were so cool that I didn’t think anything else could be added to the list, but when I got home, I had an envelope from Carson Dellosa. I expected it would be the book I edited last summer for which I’d been told I’d be credited, but there were three books I’d edited and I was listed on all three.

  • Skill Builders Math Grade 4
  • Skill Builders math Grade 6
  • Guinness World Records Math Grade 3

Woo Hoo.


8 thoughts on “Some days are just full of surprises

  1. What a great day! Congratulations on all your accomplishments. I’m not surprised you were voted Teacher of the Year — you’re one of the most dedicated and talented teachers I’ve known.

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