An irritation with Kindle

I don’t have the device itself, but the program is loaded on my computers and iPod Touch. I never paid much attention to the little location thingy because I just plowed through a book. BUT and this is huge, I finally was able to buy a Kindle textbook and I was so excited until I’m to use a rubric on page 129. No problem. I can’t figure it out, but it’s got to be able to convert to page numbers. I hit Google with my question. And the answer is:

ding, ding, ding

It can’t be done! There isn’t a way to convert. What’s more, Amazon has told multiple students that their way is superior. APA style even has a citation using Kindle locations. Well, whoopdidoo. That doesn’t do a student trying to find a specific location in a book a lick of good.

Nook on the other hand (who I have not been supporting as much as Kindle) does have page numbers. Guess who will be getting my ebook business in the future?

8 thoughts on “An irritation with Kindle

  1. There is a search feature on the actual Kindle device. It allows you to type in a word, phrase, sentence, etc. and it will list the location(s) of the search item for you to choose which is the correct location. I have used this feature to look up items in my Kindle editions. I have not tried to search for anything on any other device, like my Droid, since I only use it to read.

  2. Sandi, I did a search – PC version also has the search feature. Rubric is a pretty common word in an education book though. I also devised a little formula based on the number of pages in the book and the number of locations and narrowed it down to two.

    Still a lot of work when providing an option for page numbers would have been much more efficient. I would not want to be sitting in class with a text and have the prof say turn to page so-n-so and me having to figure out a way to get there with only that information.

  3. Yeah that bugs me about Kindle books. I prefer PDFs and if I can’t get that then ePub. Nook uses ePub and they can show page numbers. Unfortunately Kindle has the largest selection of books and the best prices. Btw the Nook Color is a great reading device. It has great resolution and the screen size and size of the device is perfect for reading. I had one but then returned it for an iPad, but I thought it was a great ereader+ and for $250 you can’t beat it.

    Btw if you are looking for ebooks to buy I found Inkmesh to be a good search engine. You can specify Nook as the reading device so it won’t return hits for books sold by Amazon but it will return ePub and PDFs since those are compatible with Nook.

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