Web 2.0 Tools I’ve been trying out

I have really fallen for web 2.0 tools that allow me to access my work from any computer.

I’ve been using http://live.com for Office file storage. It’s got some advantages over google docs since it’s specifically designed for MS office. However, google docs is really hard to beat for sharing and collaboration.

I resurrected google notebook to help with organizing lessons and materials to go with those lessons. I like that it’s integrated with my gmail account and google docs. I hate that it is no longer supported by google.

Since I’m taking two classes this semester, I have been looking for organization tools. First one I found was Toodledo which is a powerful to-do list that allows for folders, due dates, prioritizing and notes. I like this one, but it is one more site to which I have to log in.   

Looking for google integration led me to manymoon. Manymoon is a project management app that works with your email, calendars, and google docs. You are limited to one calendar, but each task can be added to your calendar.  You can view by projects or tasks. You can see all tasks in a single list which is helpful for multiple projects.

I’m going to keep Toodledo and manymoon both going this semester until I decide I like one better than the other.

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