Reading through Jonah

Reading through Jonah in the car today and here are some things that struck me in one way or another.

God tells Jonah his plan and Jonah flees from God’s presence. Where did he really think he could go that God wouldn’t know about?

The men on the boat didn’t want to throw Jonah over even though they were frightened by what he had told them. They actually tried to row to shore rather than kill him. Why would they do that? If man is totally depraved, what made these men, who had been pleading other gods for their own safety, not want to save themselves by killing him?

How big would a fish really have to be to swallow a man?

The people of Ninevah repented – beginning with the King. What had happened in the king’s experiences that made him react this way instead of hardening his heart?

Jonah gets mad? Who does he think he is? He wants an entire people to be killed so he can save face. What a ton of gall. It seems Jonah excelled at getting mad about all the wrong things.


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