Catching up

Today I’m making pralines. I make them every year for presents. Here’s the recipe I posted last year.

I finished this semester and cataloging did not do me in (although I thought it might for a while). At times it was like learning a new language. I wrote a paper on an integrated library system called Evergreen. I picked that one because it’s open source. Very interesting concept.

I have three semester left. I worked out my practicum to complete in the semester that is mainly during my summer. I tried to keep it for last (which will be next fall), but could not see anyway to do the 110 hours on some library site and teach for the student’s best. So it will be in my second to last semester instead. Now to find a school with a summertime library 😉

I worked the candle tea at Old Salem this year for the first time. Last week I was the kitchen hostess and had a speaking role. Last night I sold candles in the candle making room. No pictures of me, but I was in late 1700s costume.

This is the kitchen in the Single Brother’s house. It is decked out for Christmas and there are a lot of benches in it right now for people to sit on. They are served Moravian Coffee which is made with the sugar and milk added during the brewing and sugar cake (which is actually a very sweet yeast bread). It was dark for my shift and the table was gone. Fire was blazing and even with temps in the 20s, I got very hot! I told about the cooking and utensils and the things that they ate.

Outside of the house:

Candle Making:

Christmas trees are up in the living room an kitchen. We got a surprise snow last Saturday. We went to a BB game and came out to this:

Back to making Pralines! I hope to post a few more times before school starts again.


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