over a month

Here I sit wondering why it’s been over a month since I’ve posted. Not really wondering. I know exactly why. School started. Grad school followed.

In the last month, I’ve written well over 20 lessons, developed daily quizzes, written online tests and lessons, trained the staff on how to use a new program hooked into the state evaluation system. I edited a small math book on analogies as well as worked an open house and a back to school night along with working my way through cataloging lessons – some of which were less than successful. I’ve made some new friends in the way of colleagues and fellow students. I’ve chosen to work alone and at times with others. I attended my first Circle meeting at Home Moravian and signed up to work two candle teas in December. Ron and I have been to two WFU football games and attended an AIA dinner at the Biltmore last weekend which was a really tasty affair. I’ve spent precious time with my oldest son. Today, I spent a few minutes with an old friend and discussed the awesome and dependable nature of God.

I’ve gotten to know 60 students who are terribly precious and eager to help. I’ve worked my way through a new schedule with more coworkers in my room as well as the things that need to be done so that students will not only learn math, but will also further develop into productive citizens. I have contemplated the fragile nature of friendships and the fun that can be had working with math tools that look like toys.

It amazes me at how quickly time passes and how events blur yet stand out. I’ve been surprised by a scowl and a giggle, attempts to control and then just enjoy. As busy as it’s been, the year has had a great start and I’m grateful for the exhaustion that comes with hard work.


6 thoughts on “over a month

  1. Jeff, I’ve only ever had a couple of those summers, but I’ve also changed grade levels and subjects a lot – too much prep!

    this is a really sweet class for the most part.

    Jamie, it certainly does. I’ve missed being there, but more than once, I’ve felt like I was about to sink. I’ll check in today!

  2. You and me both. I have some stuff to post floating about somewhere, but I’m always too tired to get around to them.

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