Class of 2014 – their reality

Beloit College Mindset List.

This always make me stop and think.

Video is here. Authors expound on the list.


4 thoughts on “Class of 2014 – their reality

  1. Thanks for stopping by Calhoun!

    Imagine how it is to rethink all this every year – I’m a little past 50 – and I try to keep up with the latest. It’s mind boggling to wrap your mind around how to relate. There have been times I’ve grasped for a reference point only to be met by deer-in-the-headlight gazes.

  2. When I see the number 2014, I think of the fact that the state of Missouri expects all of our students to be 100% proficient. This would bother me, except that when I see the number 2012, I know that we won’t be here to lose our jobs in 2014…

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