Taking a second look

I noticed that Chuck is still not posting. His last post was 8/4. Please continue to pray for his recovery.

Gary had an anniversary! Mark had a birthday.  Joel has a new FB pix. (OK, that happened before I left, but just . . .)

It’s the Battle of the Bible Wars. Which one will be the victor? The best quote so far in this battle is from Beck!

Were they real or not? Discussions started by TC, Jeff. My vote: Real!

Tim posted a great video on all kinds of things. Watch it and you will smile at some point. This one will also probably make you smile, but for entirely different reasons.

WBMoore grapples with Christians and sinning. Bill has several really good series going now. Just pick one. Any and all are worthwhile. Robert discusses the cultural relevance of churches (and music). While Brian picks on Sola Scripura.

Not too long ago, I commented on Christians in higher education. Hiscrivener has an example from Augusta State. Joel asks about attending Liberal Universities. I can’t speak for the liberal seminaries, but going to liberal colleges didn’t hurt me too much.

Last Sunday, El Bryan Libre started a discussion on ebook readers. (part 2) I would love to enlarge my non-pleasure library via digital books. I’m still finding it irritating that my texts for the MLS program have not been available digitally. I got my netbook with digital books in mind but have used it for much more. In the latest issue of American Libraries, Thomas Frey predicts that we will soon be able to get readers for $20.

Feeling all warm and fuzzy for radically reaching Muslims? Bible Monkey tells about an organization planning to burn the Koran. Which may explain in part why ELB is fed up with Christian fundamental bloggers. Before I left, Kevin wrote installment 5 of Leaving Church. Very thoughtful series.

Jeff asks if he should combine his blogs. I think he should. I subscribe to them all on my reader, so I don’t miss any, but I love one-stop-shopping.

Nathan is back at school. *sigh* I am of course right behind him without the citation hopefully. Richard Byrne listed 11 techy things that teachers should try this year AND linked to gooreader, which I have installed but not tried yet. Science Daily tells us that students with poor study habits don’t get better by using the computer.

Nick also liked Despicable Me. I still chuckle when I think about it and would like to see it again. BTW, we was Inception and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice while we were in Bedford. I liked them both, but Inception was just amazing.  Marc Cortez points us toward 50 things a woman should do and should never do (2 lists). Match clothes to skin-tone? There wasn’t anything more important to put on a top 50 list? Marc also posted a list of the 20 worst paying college degrees. I posted not too long ago about the Worst-Paying Masters.

Jason paired bloggers with their favorite scholars. AND this would seriously upset me!

I am terribly jealous of all the review books I’ve been seeing bloggers post about. Only so many hours in the day and I had to cut something to finish the MLS . . . .

Edited to add what I forgot – probably because it was one of the first things I read . . . . 😉

Brian posted about women in ministry. I always find discussions like this interesting and at times wonder why God bothered to give women brains. This is not such a post. I’m midway through reading James DeYoung’s Women in Ministry and have enjoyed it so far. One comment that really caught my eye was how some can dismiss covering the head as cultural, but they stick to women be silent like glue.

9 thoughts on “Taking a second look

  1. Chuck! Good to see you! Continued prayers!

    Brian – haha. You had a good argument on the inconsistencies that might well have bruised some feelings. I almost put that you were picking on Oneness Pentecostals, but that didn’t seem nice 😀

    T.C. 😉 I’d hate to think of a world without a real Jonah and a real really big fish. I get the point made by others about the writing styles and what’s meant to be conveyed by those styles, but I don’t think that excludes that those being written about were in reality real people.

  2. Wow I got mentioned twice. Thanks.

    Regarding this ‘are they real or not’ I’m gong to just come out and say I think it’s a matter of lack of faith. The more spectacular, the more people try to find literary characteristics that make them not real. Someone did this with Job and I can’t imagine this not being history with all the details, even though it is very poetic and a lot of that goes right by me because I’m so bad with literature. But that doesn’t mean if I did see it as more poetic that it would make Job less real.

  3. Jeff, I never questioned whether the people mentioned in the Bible were real or not. They just always have been to me. I’m wondering now why that was. I had SS teachers who fell on both sides of the issue. BUT I don’t ever remember it being discussed as an issue until I was an adult. At this point, I’d have to see more than I’ve seen to convince me otherwise.

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