Sharing through your feed

Bill mentioned this in his collection of posts – see bottom of page. His shared google feed. Still would like to know how you got the big picture at the top???

This piqued my curiosity. I have hit the share button on my feed knowing no one would see that item because I had no idea where they’d go. Well, I found it on my google profile yesterday. Here’s mine. It’s more education than anything right now, but it is that time of year for me to uber-think about my field.

Here is how you find it if like me you didn’t / don’t have a clue.

Now, we all subscribe to many of the same blogs, but we also subscribe to different feeds too, and I’m confident that you might share something on your feed that I’d never see on my own – something not quite worthy of posting about (or time lacking, yet) but thought provoking none-the-less. There is even a comment feature so a discussion could be held on the feed.

So, I’m asking you to think about making your shared items feed known for others to subscribe.


4 thoughts on “Sharing through your feed

  1. By big pic you mean books not rocks, right? It’s a simple picture widget on Blogger that floats permanently just above the most recent post. I just inserted the html to make that picture a link, and deleted the html (or was it CSS?) that wanted to display a normal title heading above the page tabs.

    On displaying the feed, I don’t know if WP has a shared items widget for google reader. I know Hobbins uses one on typepad, but I’m not sure I’ve seen one on a WP blog. (??) Probably just can’t think of one now.

    I’m not sure myself about how to hold conversations within the feed. If you figure that out, let us know how it works.

    Thanks, Bitsy

  2. On the top of your shared items page (not the blog), I see a pix that is like a cartoon ocean. At the top of my feed page, it just says, “Bitsy’s shared items” no cute ocean picture. ;P

    I’ll comment on an item on your shared feed and see what happens. I’ve commented on several of mine when I shared them.

    If google has the code and it’s not javascript, then the feed could go in a widget textbox, but I’ll have to find the code.

    Still playing . . .

  3. Got the widget working – WP has an rss one.

    Found the big pix – only 4 choices 😦

    Also, the commenting has to be done via the reader as far as I can tell – not the shared page. when you click the people you are subscribed to, then you can comment. I tried it on one of yours.

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