Taking a second look

I’m refiltering through all the things I just browsed on the reader while gone.  Thought I’d blog my way through some of them.

It was hard to miss that India plans to manufacture a $35 tablet computer. This is very attractive from an education standpoint. Instead of thousands to outfit a room, it can be done for hundreds. Of course, they don’t have a manufacturer yet, and India is a land far, far away.

Nick Norelli asks the burning question: Who would you eat dinner with? Invitation to the rich and famous?? naaaa.

Speaking of food, Nathan Stitt has some fabulous shots of sushi and wine. I LOVE sushi (good sushi). I eat the ok kind anyway, but the really good stuff . . . mmmmmmm.

Mark Stevens has a new persona as the sermonator. This may confuse me to no end as I already had a sermonator in my reader – Gary Carroll.

If you are looking for a good daily devotional, George Marshall and team have one as does Roger Parrow.

Kevin Sam has started a series on people leaving the church. Part 1 & Part 2. Don’t forget to read the comments on part 1. There aren’t any yet on part 2, but I’m sure they’ll be just as interesting.

Bible Monkey pulled up some interesting quotes on old earth and creation. I was a bit surprised by the AIG quote. I didn’t think they were that broad minded.

Joel Watts pointed us toward this amazing duo as did Stephen Smuts. I cannot even begin to count all the implications there.

Chuck Grantham is having surgery today, and Daniel Thompson has started a sabbatical. Poor Gary Zimmerli is just too busy to write. Jeff Oien is still recovering from his back surgery.

Rodney Thomas asks a question, and now that it’s asked I’m also curious about the answer.

Bill Heroman has started yet another NT series (on his extremely bright blog) on Herodias. And while you are there, check out the one about Jesus and Satan.

echurch posted another snippet from A History of  Christianity. I’ve mentioned before that this blog is fairly new to me. I’ve really liked what I’ve read there.

Kurk Gayle blogs over at Mind Your Language (just in case you’d missed that!).  Take a look at his latest post, Your Story. He is a wonderfully articulate and complex writer.  I love the journey he’s sharing and the snippets we are seeing of his father.

7 thoughts on “Taking a second look

  1. Extremely bright, huh? Thanks for the reminder. I’d been meaning to change that orange theme.

    Thanks for the links. Nice collection of bloggers.

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