My son is coming home

I’m about to buckle down and write about the next chapter in Moravian history, and I thought I should mention this before my mind is immersed in something else.

Brandon is coming home. Not for a visit, but for a respite. He is taking a break from the ministry, and in reality only God knows if he will return. This has all come about in just the last week. So he’ll be here and looking for a job – maybe a new field. Re-evaluating. I’d appreciate your prayers as he faces whatever it is that God has him face.


9 thoughts on “My son is coming home

  1. Please assure Brandon of our prayers for him. Ministry life is definitely a battlefield in many areas. I know you and Ron will encourage him to hang in there, but if he needs to talk to someone who has been there (and is still there at times) feel free to give him my email address, and I will patch him through to the Rev. Dr. Tater. He would be happy to help him think through some issues.

  2. Having known many pastors as friends over the years, those our age and now more recently those my sons’ ages, I have seen second-guessing regarding their calling on more than one occasion. They all worked through it and so will Brandon. Sometimes the directions change a bit but it seems that with service-oriented careers, those who have that special calling will find a way to continue their work, albeit sometimes in a different way than originally planned. Thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  3. Thanks Mark and Sunnie! Our plans and God’s don’t always coincide – but His plan is still the best one. I know there have been times that I had a hard time landing on exactly what it was!

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