Bibles on the BB Storm

I can’t say I’ve been thrilled with the apps I’ve used or tried to use lately, but I have used the ereader successfully on the phone. Small but do-able. The WordPress app has been a complete disaster. FB is ok. Twitter has worked out much better than expected.Google – ahhh I’d be lost without it.

Olive Tree LogoMarc Cortez posted about Olive Tree today, so I went and did a BB Storm search to see how others felt about the application and the reviews were favorable.

So, if you have a storm and want to give it a shot, here is the reader download, and here is a free download for the ASV. Not one I normally use, but it will let me get a feel for how it works on the BB.

They’ve got quite a few other free offerings too. Some are single chapter, but many are full texts. There are other Bibles in this section. Some are sample texts, others have fewer notes, but they are there.

4 thoughts on “Bibles on the BB Storm

  1. I have had it for Palm, Windows Mobile and now Andriod. I like it a lot and find that it is stable, loaded with features and loaded with free apps.

  2. Thanks Joel. I’ve been impressed with their offerings.

    I’ve got the app loaded and the ASV is there. I had to fool with it for a bit to get it to choose the ASV over the KJV. They both showed up on the LIB screen, but ASV wouldn’t “take.” So, I went to LIBS: Bookshelf: Categories: ASV and then it took.

    *whew* 😉

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