Wimba Training – Lecture Capture

This is one of the very things I hoped to use Wimba for. Here is the training info if you are interested. You do have to sign up on the Wimba site.


In addition to using Wimba Classroom and the podcasting feature of Wimba Voice for online instruction, did you know they can also be used for capturing face-to-face lectures? Learn tips and tricks of lecture capture with Wimba.

Lecture Capture with Wimba

This demonstration will not only give practical tips and tricks for successful lecture capture, but will also share numerous real-life examples of how schools today are already doing this.

Date: July 27 Time: 12pm EDT Register: Sign-up Here
If you can’t make the time, sign-up to get an email with a link to the recording.

5 thoughts on “Wimba Training – Lecture Capture

  1. I have been in several online classrooms. I intentionally chose to drive further to the broadcast room, as opposed to being in one of the remote campuses. I’m not a believer in online education, though it is better than nothing.

  2. It’s the better than nothing I hope to capture with this. I had students last year who were absent 1/4 of the time. At least with a f2f class captured on Wimba, there is a chance they can see it instead of missing it entirely.

  3. Ouch. We adopted a strict attendance policy the year I was hired, as attendance was very low in preceding years. We tend to not give credit and require time to be made up on Saturdays. The Wimba idea seems like it may fit into the category that is called “Home-Bound” in Missouri. I don’t know much about it really. The students that typically miss a lot of class drop out or move away.

    How does the F2F teaching work if you have a classroom of students? Is it used after school so that the teacher doesn’t have to drive to the home? The implications of a fully wired society will probably hit education hard in the next ten years. The latest implementations feel like the tip of the iceberg.

  4. I should be able to archive the class that I use Wimba for so anyone who has the address can see it later – even students who were in class. Archived lessons can be used over and over again. I have no idea how being tied to the computer will work. I may have to look for a wireless mic and headphones. Something I’m hoping this conference clear up.

    Some of the tech and teaching blogs I’ve been reading have absolutely blown me away. There is so much that I can’t wrap my mind around but a fraction of it.

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