NC Tuition increases

All 16 UNC system universities will have a tuition increase. Some of them are mind boggling.

Increases for 2010-11 (Thanks to digtriad for posting the chart. It helped me see the whole pix and not just my little corner of it.)

2 thoughts on “NC Tuition increases

  1. Welcome to the new world of public higher education. With the state budget cuts they just don’t have another choice. I know you are a East Carolina lady, but UNC Pembroke has also been forced to raise its tuition prices. The following is from news…

    ” After three years of budget cuts and reversions, UNCP officials and the Board of Trustees believed that the quality of academic programs would suffer without a tuition increase.

    “The estimated additional tuition for 2010-11 will mitigate, not eliminate our flexibility cuts by 53.4%,” said Neil Hawk, Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs. “Therefore, UNCP will still be cutting budgets by approximately $1.2 million for the current year.”

    “We have made this tuition increase reluctantly because UNCP has always tried to keep costs low for its students,” Chancellor Carter said. “However, we felt it necessary to raise tuition because of our concern that the reductions over the last two years were causing UNCP to approach what I term the ‘Quality Threshold.’

    “We have cut deeply and more cuts would affect quality,” Chancellor Carter concluded.”

    Even the state’s community colleges are not immune.

    Just another sign of these tough economic times.

  2. Yes, it’s pitiful at all the 16 colleges. That chart I attached from DigTriad shows the undergrad and graduate tuition increases. ECU actually faired better than some of the others.

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