I didn’t know this theme would do that!

I’ve been using the paperpunch theme for a while now. OK, I’ve been using the same theme for more than a few days, and I’ve been working on my courses and haven’t dug around much with it. Well, A Sundry Times pops up on my reader and Gary’s talking about what he’s done with his theme and I’m thinking that he uses paperpunch too, so I run over to take a look.

Sure enough he does, and he’s added a picture to the background. Looks very spiffy. So he claims satisfaction and I’m sitting here thinking, “Well, what do I have to use as a background?” We’ve been to the outer banks to see the lighthouses at least 100 times, so that seemed a good choice. A little cropping to make the lighthouse actually be OUT to the side and not under the print and there you have it. I’m not quite keen on my color match to the left, but I’m also thinking a little blurring on the left side of the picture might do the trick too . . .


4 thoughts on “I didn’t know this theme would do that!

  1. I actually used one that did that, but the lighthouse was behind the boxes. Or at least it was on my screen and resolution. Kind of seemed to defeat the purpose. I cropped this one and played with it’s sizing a bit to get the lighthouse out to the side. I also tried one of Bodie Lighthouse that was just too dark across the top and you couldn’t see the heading or pages clearly.

    There are other pix that might work, but I gotta get in the mood to find one – the right one . . .

  2. ok, I made a copy of the pix I was using, cropped it, flipped it and put the two together. On this screen, the top is almost covered. All the area behind the text boxes is covered. and you can still read the words – at least for the most part.

  3. Your current setting works really well. I didn’t realize that the background image will move with the browser window. Very convenient that it’s built in this way. I’m assuming you have to use a large enough image for it to work. I suppose anyone still using a resolution of 1024×768 or smaller will have the lighthouse hidden behind the boxes, but it doesn’t look too bad. It’s a great improvement in my opinion. 8)

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