Job offer via email

It’s been a while since I either got one of these or it slipped past my filter:

It’s from hipujaguwysuz@[some popular email dot com]. Very spiffy name doncha think!

Dear Bitsy Griffin,<br />
We have reviewed your resume from [I removed this part] database reviewed it and  think that you to be a great candidate for this job which we propose.<br>
Our company are  now looking for a few qualified individuals for a vacant position “Account Coordinator”.<br><br>

The main task of this position is collecting payments  wire transfers and cheques  from our clients in US.<br>
If you  don’t have checking account We will help you to open a new one.
Average salary is $600-$800 per week.<br><br>

General Requirements:<br><br>
– Age: 21+<br>
– Ability to work at home<br>
– Responsibility<br>
– Computer skills MS Word personal e-mail address<br>
– US Citizenship<br>

Interested candidates please <a href=” “> apply here</a><br>

Very stylish with all the html coding too.

If you are looking for a job and get this email, hit the delete button. Do Not Pass Go. do not click on the link. Delete, Delete, Delete.


2 thoughts on “Job offer via email

  1. why did you include the link? that’s free advertising, and a possible hazard to your readers 😛

  2. When I’ve done that before, people have found my posts using the link as a search term. I had one last summer that happened a ton with – the link was the search term.

    I’ll modify it and use this post as research 😉

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