Mayberry Restaurant at Old Salem

Oh how I’d love to give this restaurant some kudos, but . . .

Before Ron and I went to meet with the pastor today, we met at 1 to get lunch at Mayberrys. HA. Didn’t happen.

We had almost an hour. The church is 1 minute away from the restaurant. It was packed with tourists. It is Old Salem in the middle of summer after all. There were only 3 people working, and one of those was on the phone half the time. Besides being really unprepared for tourism and incidentals, they didn’t seem especially clean either. They were touching one set of food with their hands, wiping their hands on their clothes (not aprons, clothes), and then touching another set of good. I watched as one of the employees used a piece of cheese to move a hamburger pattie (with his bare hands) and then plop the cheese onto the pattie.

So, when Ron said we were out of time, walked up to the counter and asked for our money back because we had to go, I was hungry, but not disappointed.

2 thoughts on “Mayberry Restaurant at Old Salem

  1. If I see anyone in a restaurant handling my food with their bare hands, I leave. A few years ago I refused to eat at a popular (w/ college kids) sandwich shop in Wilmington because the workers were not wearing gloves. Everyone else ate, I sat there munching on chips.


  2. Martin, I would have been happy with chips. We didn’t get those either 😀 The place was so busy, I’m not sure we would have noticed the uncleanliness if we hadn’t been standing there watching them so long. At one point before Ron asked for our money back, we looked at each other and I knew we wouldn’t be able to eat. We’d just seen too much.

    I’d planned a steak salad for last night – which wasn’t quite enough after no lunch. Did have some banana pudding left though, so we polished that off!

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