Adding a 2nd Monitor to the computer

I mentioned last week on FB that I was rearranging the office because I’d hooked a second monitor to my laptop. Actually, it’s a Vizio HDTV that I’m using. This laptop is older and I had to hook it up with a VGA cord. Kind of clunky but I love having the dual screens. I’ve had documents open on one while doing research on the other. At first moving the mouse from one screen to the other was a little awkward. Still is at times.

I can also hook my Dell Mini up to the Vizio with the HDMI cord, but I can’t get the dual screens on it. That must have to do with the Windows 7 Starter. bah humbug.

8 thoughts on “Adding a 2nd Monitor to the computer

  1. I tried that, but I like having them both angled so I can see out the window too. Wanna absorb all the sunshine I can while it’s shining 😛

    I may go back to that before it’s all over.

  2. Yeah but it’s harder to see the screen with all that awful light. I have two 2 18″ CRTs on my old system in my office that I don’t use anymore except for a print server and it was great to have them when I was doing web work or whatever other combo.

  3. Hey Jeff! Good to see you feeling well enough to post!

    2 CRTs took up a lot of desk space didn’t they? I remember how much room one took up.

  4. I’m still with one monitor. I plan on changing as little as possible in all areas. 😡

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