John Hus – The Martyr of Bohemia

John Hus was burned on July 6, 1415 as a heretic. When considering the fate of so many called heretic, it makes me wonder when people use the word today, if they think about the very real consequences that accompanied that label in the past.

His family were peasants. Hus wanted to become a priest because it afforded a decent income, dress and place in society. But somewhere along the way that philosophy changed.  He received a bachelors of divinity degree., and he preached in Czech. He was a contemporary of King Wenceslaus, and a reformer that followed Wycliffe, although apparently not blindly. He was excommunicated in 1412, burned to death in 1415.

I found the book John Hus, the martyr of Bohemia: a study of the dawn of Protestantism By William Nathaniel Schwarze on It seems to be complete. It’s a short book at 158 -164 pages. You can read it in book form or in plain text.

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