So where is NC Education Lottery money going?

I hear this a lot. I’ve asked it myself. This was pretty informative.

Shaheen said 50 percent of lottery proceeds go to reducing classroom sizes by keeping the teacher-student ratio down. Forty percent is allocated for new buildings. The remaining 10 percent goes to scholarships for students who qualify for the Pell Grant, which is financial aid given to low-income students.

“The biggest misconception that people have is that the lottery is going to cover all of education,” Shaheen said.

WSFCS and GCS are listed in this paragraph.

So far, Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools have received $36 million from the lottery. Guilford County Schools have received $57 million. With $95 million in benefits, Mecklenburg County has received more money from the lottery than any other school district in the state.

The little video attached mentioned that WSFCS has built new schools with the money and GCS has used to the money to pay off bonds.


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