$160 million

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking that’s some big bucks. Where’s it going? Indonesia.

Straight from the President’s mouth (Remarks by President Obama and President Yudhoyono of the Republic of Indonesia Before Bilateral Breakfast Meeting):

And the second area is education, where we’re looking to put an additional $160 million into joint programs that can enhance cooperation on educating our youth, which is obviously one of our top priorities in terms of future development.

“We are looking to put.” Who is we? Does that mean that Indonesia is going halves? The phrasing is a little odd – does that mean it’s not a done deal? I’m all for supporting the education of youth, even youth in Indonesia, but they will benefit more and we will pay more I’m sure.

There’s no way to write this without sounding stingy. This household has always operated on the philosophy of digging deep to give in both time and money, but is that a function of the government in lieu of an emergency?  Especially during a recession. I read a note from a U.S. teacher who had 38 in her class next year. We are headed into year two without a raise, and the way the budget is coming along, I’m wondering if we won’t have cuts.

I’m just thinking 160 million could go a long way to enhance education right here.

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