Five TV Shows I Enjoy

I don’t watch TV exactly, but I do have shows line up in my HULU queue, so I do watch those at my convenience.

  1. Merlin – this is a sci-fi channel show. I’ve been an Merlin fan since I was a kid and read The Once and Future King. Merlin and Arthur are both young men in this one.
  2. Lie to Me – I love Tim Roth’s sassy character and the way he always gets the best of someone by psychoanalyzing them.
  3. Fringe – Another sci-fi show, but on ABC. It’s just weird at times. Dual universes. Reminds me a bit of Sliders, but much darker and ominous. Characters have developed nicely. Always some very odd twist.
  4. FlashForward – I like this one enough I wanna buy the book to see how they compare/contrast. World changing event happens where everyone sees a glimpse of  their futures for the same time period. FBI is trying to find out why and how it happened – how to keep it from happening again. Lots of intrigue. mmmmm that’s only 4
  5. DollHouse – didn’t make it. This show only had two seasons, but they were two intense seasons. People who had some kind of trouble in the past signed on at the DollHouse to fulfill some rich person’s dream. There were DollHouses all over the world. Memories of the Dolls were wiped and new memories inserted to help them do their assignments. Nasty people wanted the technology. The destruction of the world was near.

Wanna see what other people enjoy?

Brian LePort

Rodney Thomas

What do you enjoy watching?


Mark Stevens


12 thoughts on “Five TV Shows I Enjoy

  1. I’ve only seen “Lie to Me” playing in the corner on Wednesdays after prayer meeting as I stuff my face at a local restaurant.

    Thus I am, of course, highly qualifed to review it. Two halves of a Reuben sandwich held up high….

  2. I’m just started Fringe. I watch the first episode last night. Why do they often start shows out “in bed.”

    I just finished the first season of Flash Forward. Is there a season 2 yet?

  3. The only TV show I’ve watched in the past two years was 24. Now that it’s over I don’t watch TV. I only watch DVD or streaming content via Netflix now. Then of course there is the internet…

  4. Chuck, I love the multi-tasking there!

    My dear Mr. Monkey, I haven’t heard about season 2 on FF. I was hoping they’d do it the same was a DollHouse and give them one more to wrap it up.

    Nathan, the internet is about the only place I watch anything anymore. So convenient. I listen mainly and work with it literally in the background. Of course, that doesn’t always work. It’s hard to focus on some things with bg noise.

    Jeff, I didn’t notice that much. Probably because I listened more than watched.

  5. I have gotten so frustrated with the poor quality of TV programming these past few years that my TV watching is getting more and more limited. If it isn’t baseball, I’m probably not watching!

    I used to say that daytime TV was a vast wasteland. Now I’m afraid I have to extend that to the rest of the day and night as well.

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