The great clean out event of 2010

I’m not one to keep a lot of junk around. I prefer clean surfaces; I like wide open spaces.

Having said that, I do a lot of stuff. I craft, sew, read, paint, garden, uhhhh work, freelance. *sheesh* the things that can stack up is absolutely amazing.

I already mentioned that I did a major cleaning of the office – that’s still going on mainly because it takes a longer time to scan than I think things should take. I’ve been working on work/school-related documents and pictures. The next goal is to scan family pix and documents.

I do tend to save boxes that would be good for mailing and they are out of here. Every closet, drawer, cabinet will be hit. I do not need two 40 cup coffee pots any more. I do not need two covered cake plates. I did at one time, but that time has passed.

Ron is balking at the amount of recycling. It is heavy carrying out an overflowing tub of papers piled high. And I’m wondering if they’ll start counting my trips to Goodwill. It’s been over a week now, and it’s starting to feel like the never ending project, but I am seeing progress.

2 thoughts on “The great clean out event of 2010

  1. I feel for ya! I’ve been working on similar stuff seems like forever. It started out as spring cleaning – how’d it get to be summer already!! Good luck!

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