Creationist degree is gonna have to evolve

At least in Texas it’s got some major revamping work before it can reapply. The Institute for Creation Research (IRC) offers a masters degree in California but didn’t get off the starting block in Texas.

Court rules against creationism degree

Aimed at aspiring Christian schoolteachers, the curriculum critiques evolution and champions a literal interpretation of the biblical account of creation.

In California, the school is accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, an agency that’s not recognized in Texas.

Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools? I’m gonna have to look that one up. I could see where this would be a popular idea for someone who planned to only teach in the Christian arena. It would definitely help the teacher with biblical integration. This is such a narrow, narrow context though because the thing is, there are a whole lot more public schools out there than Christian ones. Not a versatile enough degree for anyone to pursue IMHO.


6 thoughts on “Creationist degree is gonna have to evolve

  1. Peter,
    Glad to hear it. I just have to wonder sometimes when I hear things about the Texas State Board of Education’s shenanigans, and this attempt by ICR. So it’s good to know that, whatever a person’s beliefs, they can get together and defend good science education. 😉

  2. OK, I agree with both comments! Good for Texas and I do personally know that not all Texans are nuts (since that’s where Ron and I hail from).

    Dan, thanks for stopping by! I like your blog. I’m going to link it from my school blog and moodle.

  3. Bitsy,
    Thanks for the kind compliment! You have a lot of energy directed towards education and seem to be doing great at it – I hope you keep it up and get the most out of it.

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