7 thoughts on “Gold Finches

  1. I don’t see those around here. We get cardinals, robins, and blue jays; all of them spectacular.

    Did you take that photo?

  2. We get those too. We drive by a farm leaving church and one Sunday there was a blue jay and a very bright robin sitting side by side. I mentioned how beautiful they were from this side of the fence. I’m sure the farmer hates them 😉

    I’m not fast enough to nab the pix. That one is from the net. I usually see them at the feeder when I’m in the kitchen working. More brown ones than anything else, but these do pop in from time to time.

    edited to remove pix they didn’t want me using ( even linking back to them 😉 )

  3. Some sites have bandwidth limits. If you just post an HTML link to their URL it doesn’t affect their limit. When you display the actual image from their host on your site, they are essentially paying for content displayed on your site. The alternatives are to self-host or to only link to their site (no image). I’ve known a few people that are absolute Nazis about this, and it is more amusing than anything else.

  4. Ah, mystery solved. I wondered why my site was getting hits from this one. 🙂

    We obviously disagree on a whole lot of things, but we agree that these are very pretty birds!

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