It’s summertime and the mess is unseemly

Part 1. I’m cleaning out. Pulling out old forms, pictures, contracts, transcripts, published articles and scanning them. I’ve got a to be scanned pile, a recycling pile and a this really should be shredded pile. I’ve got a trash can full of pens that no longer have working ink in them along with pencils with no lead. There are stacks of books to be sold on amazon and books to be listed on paperbackswap. I’ve got piles of office supplies that have multiplied like the proverbial bunny.

It can’t stay this way for long or I’ll start screaming. I’d take a picture but I can’t seem to find the phone or the camera. Of course after everything is scanned, it will have to be organized somehow. . . .

Maybe I should just work on my next assignment and leave it all where it is.

I’ll let you know about part 2 when I move to a different room 😉


2 thoughts on “It’s summertime and the mess is unseemly

  1. I’m too lazy to sell the books I no longer want. They are worth quite a bit but I don’t want the pressure of shipping them out on time once they are sold. Have fun!

  2. After we moved the last time, I decided I wasn’t gonna keep any that weren’t absolutely necessary or I didn’t just adore. Now that we are thinking about moving again in another year or so, it’s all going somewhere 😛

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