But I’m paying for this!

Not the main emphasis of this article, but it’s something I’ve been seeing for a long time in secondary ed and I’ve been hearing about it in colleges:

Paul Howe, a conference presenter and business instructor at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute in North Carolina, said he believes the audacity of his students’ excuses and classroom behavior is tied to the societal emphasis on consumerism.

“Students often ask me why they aren’t passing if they pay for classes and come every day,” Howe said. “They actually think, since they pay, they should get good grades without doing the work.”

Notice that he not only mentions grades, but classroom behavior as well. Consumerism. I come. I pay. I pass. I get to do what I want in the meantime.

Audacity. That’s a very good word to describe what’s going on here. I pay, I get.  Education is a service like no other. You pay to learn and there must be evidence of that learning to get the grade. Go figure.

Academic Bullying: A Problem on College Campuses


2 thoughts on “But I’m paying for this!

  1. I have noticed this in both University and at the high school. Somehow, they associate their physical presence with meeting the minimum prerequisites for passing the class. I also blame our society and culture, though I do not know the cure.

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