What do you mean you don’t care about my GPA?

this is just kind of funny and it is legitimate resume advice –

Don’t tell why you left a job.

Don’t tell what’s in it for you.


Don’t tell your GPA because no one cares.

Well! 😉

3 Things You Should Never Mention on Your Resume | Career Rocketeer – Career Search and Personal Branding Blog.

This reminds me of some of the things I have to tell kids that I wonder about.

Don’t take your shoes off to play football on the field. You might step on something or someone might step on you.

Don’t pull the erasers off your pencils and throw at your classmates when you *think* I’m not looking. You may need that eraser later. Besides, I saw it even with your best attempts at subversion.

Don’t tell your classmates to shut-up. It’s not very friendly and someone almost always ends up tell you to shut-up too. (I despise the words personally.)


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