New Bibles

There are times in life when you it hits you just how blessed you are. I received two new Bibles in the mail recently. One was from Jamie at A Walk in Faith. They had a posting contest and I won the Thompson Chain Reference NASB edition.

Then I’d mentioned how I’d been looking for the NRSV with the Apocrypha, and a blogger friend sent one to me!

See rest of the pictures.

Thanks so very much to you both!


5 thoughts on “New Bibles

  1. Wow that’s great. Robert Jimenez sent me Gordon Fee’s NT Exegesis and it’s the most valuable Bible study tool/guide I have.

    I used an NIV Thompson’s for over two decades but ironically I never used the chain references. It’s good for topics. The NRSV looks really nice.


  2. Jeff, anything by Fee would be wonderful to get in the mail too!

    I like the theme too. I can’t believe how fast they’ve been pumping them out. This one has some red in it – which I love!

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