Listservs and Libraries

ListServ possibilities:

I subscribed to a couple of listservs. The first was one from INFOLIT and got very little in return. So I also subscribed to LM_NET using the digest and started getting emails immediately. I do not know that I am a big fan of listservs. I was a part of some years ago, and as I found other ways to communicate, I migrated to bulletin boards and blogs where the content seems more logically organized and to flow more naturally. It would be nice if the content were organized in some way to make it more useable. I did use the email search feature to find and highlight topics which was very helpful. And while thinking about some of the most useful blogs I read, they also seem to be an overwhelming jumble of ideas. So perhaps the differences are more aesthetic. The truncated lines and addition of characters as a message is resent takes some getting used to. One of the things I do like about LM_NET is the variety of topics covered. Today someone asked for help with I had not heard of that site before. It’s a movie making site with showpaks to get you started. I will have to dig around a bit more and see what it can do.

I followed a conversation about libraries being obsolete. The beginning argument was that libraries missed the mark on change about twenty years ago with little strategy and planning. The consensus seems to be that we have to adapt to changing technologies, or we will be obsolete. The responses were not as bleak as the original post. Librarians can and frequently are leaders of change. Like any other profession, there are those that are happy to coast and those that want to be trail blazers. Respondents discussed the use of a variety of technologies used or incorporated in libraries that ranged from Skype to wikis to electronic portfolios.


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