Worst Masters Degrees in Pictures

Yes, you read that right – in pictures and it’s from Forbes. This is of course based on numbers. How much pay is increased, how much potential pay there is, what’s the job market look like.

One thing I noticed though is that many of these are degrees that are serving in nature, which is probably why they are paid less. People who go where their heart-strings tug aren’t in that career for the money.

In Pictures: Worst Master’s Degrees For Jobs

#25 – Library Science

#28 – Education

#30 – Divinity


3 thoughts on “Worst Masters Degrees in Pictures

  1. […] Nick also likedĀ DespicableĀ Me. I still chuckle when I think about it and would like to see it again. BTW, we was Inception and TheĀ Sorcerer’sĀ Apprentice while we were in Bedford. I liked them both, but Inception was just amazing. Ā Marc Cortez points us toward 50 things a woman should do and should never do (2 lists). Match clothes to skin-tone? There wasn’t anything more important to put on a top 50 list? Marc also posted a list of the 20 worst paying college degrees. I posted not too long ago about the Worst-Paying Masters. […]

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