I was at borders. Not because I like the place but because I was killing time before a school board meeting and I’d already hit the mall and toys r us.

I had a sandwich and a coffee and done all the reading for my courses when it hit me that I’d been thinking about getting a NRSV. I want one with theΒ apocrypha. So I go to the *ahem* Bible section and they do have a few – none with the apocrypha. So I leave without a book purchase.

28 thoughts on “NRSV

  1. OK, I do have a wishlist, but It’s not on this theme yet because I loose all my widgets every time I change themes. And since theme changing is my new hobby . . .

    I knew you’d like that one Rod!

  2. What’s a “wish list?” And if I put things on said “wish list,” how does that lead to getting what I put there? πŸ™‚

    We have a few Borders in the Twin Cities, and most of the time while browsing I find they actually have a somewhat decent NRSV selection, even with apocrypha. Too bad your visit didn’t yield good results.

  3. Daniel, I added mine to the sidebar. Take a look. I’ve never been given anything from my wishlist, but I use it to help me keep track of things to get πŸ˜€

    I’m not a fan of Borders. They were shabby with a Spanish CD I got that wouldn’t work on my computer, but sometimes you’ve got limited places to go. If Toys R Us had a coffee bar, I’d have stayed there!

  4. I prefer Barnes and Noble if I’m out browsing books. But both stores are quite thin on Bible. (Though I did find more TNIVs at one point in my B&N that at my local Christian bookseller.

  5. Daniel, I like B&N better too – they are easier to work with also. I was surprised at the TNIVs they had at one point – more than the Christian book store around here.

    Joel! You are so bad!

  6. Some one bought me an REB and I love it. Haven’t gotten into all yet, but it is a solid translation.

  7. I keep looking for the translation one of the pastors is using at the church we’ve been going to. I’m not sure I checked out the REB.

    I did look it up on Amazon. 2 used leathers are $999.00

  8. I really like the NETS for the apocrypha, but having something like the NRSV around is suitable…now, if only the NLT would update theirs…

  9. The NET Bible is available for free for the phone if it’s java enabled. I may download it for my blackberry. I’ve been looking for something to use on it.

    Did you catch up on some sleep today?

  10. Sleep..what’s sleep?

    The NETS is a new translation of the Septuagint, available on line in pdf – but I haven’t found a good electronic copy of it yet. I like it because it includes the various textual traditions of some of the books and of course, because it includes the Psalms of Solomon.

    I wonder if the NIV 2011 will one day include the apocrypha?

  11. Jeff, I didn’t think I’d ever seen an NIV with the Apocrypha, but I’ve been wrong before πŸ˜‰

    I have watched some of those Bibledex videos, but not in a while. I’ll add some watching to my summer plans.

  12. I have the Harper Study Bible NRSV with Apocrypha – Its just to large. I have searched high and low for an NRSV without an Apocrypha and found a small hardback version (not pew bible) but it was Anglicized.

    Best literal translation I have found but I still like the readability of my TNIV.

  13. All of these people talking about the T/NIV, NRSV, etc… I know who to add to my prayer list for their eyes to be opened to NLT-Onlyism.

  14. and there I was, just subscribed to the next number 1 blogger, about to write a post and he has to go and say something like that….

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