The weight I’ve gained and lost and gained and lost

When I was younger, I could eat like the proverbial horse and not gain a pound. I was active, I had great metabolism, I was young. Then about the time the kids were in middle school, it hit. I gained. I went from skinny to plump at the speed of light. Man! How in the world did that happen? Kids go off to college, it’s just Ron and I, and it’s time. Fat has got to go. I take a large amount of it off by mainly eliminating sugars – but anything that had empty calories in it had to go. I managed to keep it off eating that way for years. Desserts are NOT your friend. I’d gain a few when I loosened up on my eating habits and then I’d tighten back up and they’d fall off.

Well, last year when I lost my job and had to start looking again, I just flat out let the diet go. I didn’t care, life wasn’t fair, I was absolutely NOT thinking! Then I get a job where I’m in the car sitting hours longer than previously, and somewhere in that time, I gained 15 pounds! Many more than I’d let rack up previously. How could I have been so careless?

A couple of months ago, I decided I had to get back into my better eating routine. Better shape. These pounds have to go, so sugar is out again. Empty calories are not welcome. This go round, I have lost 8 pounds – about a pound a week. Half way to where I want to be. It’s not “falling” off like it did before though. It’s slipping off. Is it age? Has my metabolism changed that much? Are the minerals I’m taking now for my migraines making a difference? I don’t know, but it’s harder this go round.


2 thoughts on “The weight I’ve gained and lost and gained and lost

  1. That’s great. Keep it up. It saddens me when people gain a lot of weight as they get older. When two people who are married gain weight at the same time, it’s like they’re almost enabling each other. Don’t forget the exercise if you’re able. Still haven’t seen a picture with the new haircut. I’m sure the gals would be more interested than me though.

  2. Well, I just don’t know a photographer close by 😉 I’ll try to remember to get Ron to take one some morning when I’m fresh. He’s just getting up usually when I’m walking out the door!

    I love to walk, so I get that done most every day.

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