Summer school in library science

I know you are dying to know the courses I’m taking for the summer and you will be green with envy when you find I am not only take Reference but also Tech for Library Services.

Both are actually interesting – I was a little worried about the reference course, but we are going to create a pathfinder. My subject has already been submitted and approved. I’m going with the 5th grade science of weather and climate. Fifth grade science is a crucial course as it is the first year that science is tested in NC and limited time is shared with Math and Reading.

Now, if you are like me, you have/had no idea what a pathfinder is. It is an annotated bibliography of print and online references for a particular topic.


3 thoughts on “Summer school in library science

  1. Is the pathfinder program available online for free? Technologically, I have a lot to learn. Yet, I like to incorporate technology as a pedagogical approach to teaching. Today’s world is technologically scripted.

  2. Bitsy,

    Both courses sound very interesting. The college I teach at just opened a new library. The poor staff is about worked to death. But the building is very nice and they have done a very good job. Librarians are a very important part of any school and community.

    Have fun with your courses!

  3. Celucien, we are completing the pathfinder over the course of the class. This week we are working on bibliographies, so I had to find two for my topic and annotate them. You can find a pathfinder template on google. I found several. They are all different though. I’ll gladly send you the example my prof sent out if you’d like to see it.

    Oddly, what I didn’t see was tons of pathfinders. They seem like such a good idea, but I’m sure as with everything else in life – you just gotta find the time!

    Martin, that’s awfully exciting about your new library. When I tell people I’m working on my MLS, they laugh about how easy it is to be a librarian. Too much goes on behind the scenes for them to see how hard they work!

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