Incompatible Browser

I use Chrome most of the time as a browser. It’s gotten better and better imho, but there are still some kinks and they don’t all have to do with Chrome itself.

There are toolbars that I downloaded to use with FF that aren’t available for Chrome AND the one that really gets me is when I get a message that says a site wasn’t designed to be used with this browser – please open FF or IE. Excuse me? What do you mean you designed your site so that i could not use the browser of my choice? Now most of the time, I’d just find another site, but there are a couple related to school that I’ve got to open.


2 thoughts on “Incompatible Browser

  1. They are adding more and more features. Today, I added a FB extension that opens a little window to do a quick check and a feed reader that organizes google reader more like a web page.

    So much to explore and so little reading done for my classes . . .

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