Leno disses the library

From the Library Journal:

Crack about Los Angeles Public Library budget troubles generates letter of protest

Does Tonight Show host Jay Leno think libraries are worth much? Apparently not.

In his monologue May 11 (at about the three-minute mark), Leno cracked, “People here in Los Angeles are upset that the mayor’s proposed plan to cut the budget of libraries… This could affect as many as nine people.”

I know the libraries in my area are hopping. I have a hard time finding a parking place. AND when I interviewed one of the local librarians, she said that they have had a huge increase of people using the library specifically for job hunting, but also for all services because of the economic downturn.

So bah-humbug


6 thoughts on “Leno disses the library

  1. He’s a dumb stupidhead. I still go to the library. It’s amazing how I can request books from the whole system and pick them up at my location or even request that they buy something which they’ve done about 30-50% of the time. And I have to walk farther and farther down the parking lot when I go there. Great for my back.

    I live in a big city and these places are great for kids who don’t have computers and stuff.

  2. Jeff, the general public still seems to be using the library’s services. I did read an article in my last class that said the higher incomes tended to use bookstores more, but even they still used the library. The middle and poor classes depended on it.

    Celucien – not open on the weekends! That’s a travesty. They couldn’t figure out two better days to be closed? (as an aside, my son is in FW 😉 )

  3. I choose to see his comments as a rip on the stupid people of Los Angeles more than a knock on libraries. I love my library, but only the main branch in downtown Charleston is open on Sunday.

  4. hahaha Ann, that could be true 😀

    It is sad more and more libraries are not able to stay open at convenient times for the clientèle. I have to get to mine before 6 several nights – not easy some days when you work in the next town over.

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