From the “You’ve got to be kidding” department . . .

Straight from Salinas California: 10-Year-Old Caught Surfing Porn At Library, Librarian Reprimanded For Reaction . Librarian sees kid looking at porn on a library computer. She says she tapped him, boy says it was a smack.

“I’m just disturbed that me touching the kid (was) blown out of proportion, and suddenly became much more important than vital issue of porn in library,” McKeighen said.

No, kidding! I’m disturbed by this too. I would have loved for one of my kids to say, “Oh, btw mom. The librarian smacked me today at the library when she caught me looking at porn! Wachagonna do about it?” mmmmmm. Not much thinking needed on that one. Well, I might need a moment to recover from my mortification that my child thought it was ok to look at porn in a public place. Then, he’d apologize to the librarian for looking at the porn. Now I’m thinking of the laundry list. He’d lose access to the computer. Can’t trust leaving him alone, so I’d have to go everywhere he really needed to go with him. I could go on, but I’ll stop there. Loss of privilege would be severe. I have visions of him longing for the smack of the librarian instead of the discipline heaped on him by the parental units.

Of course, as a librarian, I’m to mention to sweet little Johnny that he shouldn’t be on that site with a smile on my face (and obviously with my hands firmly at my side). Would it be stalking if I stood there long enough to make sure he really goes to a new URL? Or would I be in trouble if I just ignored what he was looking at? Surely his mom is there somewhere to intervene. The Library Bill of Rights allows for equal access after all.



4 thoughts on “From the “You’ve got to be kidding” department . . .

  1. I saw that link at Hot Air…I’m shocked that the other librarians in the story think it’s fine that porn is accessible on library computers. Surely the one advocating no filters at all would agree that children shouldn’t have access to pornography…right?

    This ‘culture’ of ours grows more foreign every day.

  2. The blog I linked to in the HT – most of them think the gal shouldn’t have touched the boy. In hindsight, if she’d just said, please turn that off and go find your mom, that would have been better for her.

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