With the state struggling monetarily, this is surprising

Public Employee Pension Information Kept Secret

Kept secret? Apparently the info is there that money is going out, but what it’s for . . . well, that’s the big unknown.

State records show that more than 260 former public employees in North Carolina receive annual payment of $100,000 or more but no one can find out how they earned those pensions.

I just made my way though my school district’s proposal (or the beginning of the process) for next year’s budget. State people just don’t seem to think. Our county’s allocation from the state will be cut (again), and yet the governor’s office recommends a pay raise for teachers and site based principals. How in the world will that happen?

The county I live in is already looking at layoffs and furloughs. Furloughs are a joke anyway. They can only be taken on certain work days and the time period last year included the end and beginning of year work days. NOT days that are easily taken.


2 thoughts on “With the state struggling monetarily, this is surprising

  1. Bitsy,

    Gov. Perdue has been a complete and utter disaster in my opinion. I think she is heading towards a one-term governorship. She has hurt education and is doing long term damage to our state’s education system (universities, colleges, and public schools). If she wants to do budget cuts she needs to first look in her own back yard.


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