ebooks aren’t the invaders they might be – yet

In yesterday’s WSJ, there was an article called No Threat Yet. The public library has an amazing amount of titles to choose from, and colleges are also moving in that direction.

Yet, here I sit having just ordered my books for the next semester and I couldn’t get either one as an ebook. One of those courses was library technology.

The more I use ebooks, I think that I like them for informational type books, but I like reading fiction in a book with pages I can flip. Also, while I’d like an electronic version of the Bible, there is something about flipping the pages of it too. I’m frequently distracted by something else that catches my eye. I imagine that would be true of any book I spent a lot of time in.

Here is a library tour that Wendy sent me. Very nice. Has real books too.


4 thoughts on “ebooks aren’t the invaders they might be – yet

  1. Funny.. my wife is an ebook believer.She just got a Kindle and was not sure about the whole device thing.She doesn’t like the distraction of turning pages and finds the ebook logistically easier to turn pages by buttons and especially to hold.She finds she is reading the book faster..and compares it to being more efficient much like choosing a better kitchen utensil.
    Text to speech is better handy especially on long trips..

  2. Thanks for stopping by and especially commenting moodyeyeview!

    The whole reason I started looking into ebooks was my commute to utilize that text to speech.

    Since you mentioned it, I think I read faster on the ebook too. But I do have more eye-fatigue. I have really been disappointed that NONE of my texts have been electronic yet.

  3. I think that is the main reason I prefer iBooks over the Kindle app on the iPad. The iBooks gives you the closet experience to reading an actual book.

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